Hehr, Jeffrey Allen

Murdered: 2002-02-17

On February 17, 2002, officers responded to 15368 East Alameda Parkway on an assault. Upon arriving, it was determined the victim had been shot. He was located in the driver’s seat of his 1988 Pontiac Grand Prix. He had been shot twice. The victim was an ex-convict and cocaine user. He had recently made a purchase of cocaine in northeast Aurora and then went to the bar at the Wolf’s Motor Inn. He also went to Kmart prior to going to Jason’s Billiards on Alameda Parkway. Jason’s Billiards did have a security camera and it appears that when the victim exited the business, three other parties exited shortly thereafter. The video is of very poor quality. The suspect(s) responsible for the death of Jeffrey Hehr have yet to be identified.

Name: Jeffrey Allen Hehr       Date of Birth: 1969-01-30