Sturm, Melanie R.

Murdered: 1985-02-14

On February 14, 1985, 37 year old Cassandra Rundle and her two children, 12 year old Detrick Sturm and 10 year old Melanie Sturm were located in their residence brutally murdered. On February 14, 1985, Colorado Springs Police Department officers were called to the residence in the southwestern portion of Colorado Springs on a report of the possible homicide of Cassandra Rundle. Upon arrival officers also discovered the remains of her two children, Detrick and Melanie Sturm. The El Paso Coroner determined Cassandra, Detrick, and Melanie died as a result of strangulation and both Cassandra and Melanie had been sexually assaulted.

Name: Melanie R. Sturm       Date of Birth: 1974-04-16