Reichert, Michael Scott

Murdered: 2000-10-09

Michael Reichert, 36, graduated from Windsor High School where he played in the band. At 16, Michael began working in the Holiday Inn in Greeley. It was the beginning of a long career in the hospitality industry. By the time he was 22, Western Hospitality Inns had him managing two hotels in Albuquerque. In Denver he worked for U.S. Motels Inc. as assistant to the owner, managing more than 20 properties. A member of the Masons Highland Lodge #86, Michael enjoyed fine dining and the theatre. Michael worked long hours, seven days a week. But he quit this job and decided to enjoy life. He made plans to go into business with his brother, Mark. He began a program of physical fitness. Shortly before midnite, Oct 9, 2000, Michael was struck on the head in a parking lot on West Colfax. Neither money nor personal effects were taken. No assailant has been identified. The Reichert family has been distributing fliers and has posted a $50,000 reward. They rented a billboard near the crime scene announcing the reward in October 2002.

Name: Michael Scott Reichert       Date of Birth: 1964-03-08