Ingram, Morgan Jennifer

Murdered: 2011-12-02

Morgan was only 20 years old when her life was cut short by her stalker – she was a beautiful and kind person that was gifted, profound and uniquely brilliant. Known for her very caring heart and loving soul, nothing came before helping others. She was a photographer, artist, writer, and ballet dancer who loved to play the piano, sing, and laugh. Found great enjoyment in simple things like baking goodies for friends and family and watching the sunrise.

She surrounded herself with color. She loved philosophy, yoga, and meditation, along with every animal she ever met. Morgan taught herself to play the piano, crotchet, knit, sew and enjoyed horseback riding, biking, smiling (constantly), hiking, reading and hula. She loved to learn new things and make crafts. She taught herself other languages, first some French and then Lithuanian, always finding time for volunteer work and working with children.

Morgan had completed 2 years of college with an AA degree from Colorado Mountain College. As she watched her older relatives and friends struggling to find work, despite their college degrees, Morgan was deciding to delay her transfer to CU Boulder and take a yoga teaching certification program, as a back up. She was then going to go on to complete her last 2 years of college, earn her Bachelor’s Degree, then take the LSAT’s to get into Law School. Morgan had mapped the path in her planning journal, right down to the GPA’s and LSAT scores she would need.

Morgan was a daddy’s girl, always including him in her life. He did the absolute best he could to protect his daughter – installing motion detecting lights around their house, then motion detecting alarms, a wildlife camera, video surveillance cameras around their house that recorded 24/7, more detectors, more lights, and so much more, always one step behind. Her mother felt like she was calling the Sheriff’s office constantly, and kept a very detailed timeline of the events, documenting every incident.

From August of 2011 until December Morgan lived with ever increasing stress, and fear. She was being monitored, followed and terrorized by her stalker. She feared it would never stop. She felt that she couldn’t move away from it – that if he followed her, it would only become worse. So she chose to stay in hopes the law would be able to catch him. Her anxiety and stress took an ever growing toll.

Morgan was in a “living hell” as she was trying to go about her life. Her parents always met her in the driveway with pepper spray whenever she came home after dark. Her dad, as well as some friends of hers, would park somewhere off the main road to follow her at night when she was on her way home to see if anyone was following her. They tried everything they could think of to try to keep Morgan safe and catch this stalker, but ultimately none of it worked. The Sheriffs did a stake out one night, and some interviews and evidence gathering, but without enough time or resources to dedicate, some witnesses moved away, and a lot of evidence is now gone forever.

Name: Morgan Jennifer Ingram       Date of Birth: 1991-08-16