Espinoza, Ricky Arthur

Murdered: 2001-06-24

Ricky A. Espinoza, 37, was a fun-loving person who grew up in Colorado Springs. In his early elementary years some of his art work was displayed in the Fine Arts Center there. Ricky graduated from Palmer High School. Then he completed cosmetology school. Ricky was gifted in many areas: He loved to dance and was very good at styling hair and make-up. Ricky really liked music. Some of his favorites were “A Flock of Seagulls” by Iran; “Kryptonite” by 3-Doors Down and “West End Girls” by The Pet Shop Boys. Ricky was a fan of the Red Hot Chile Peppers. Ricky liked to dress well. He was also good at interior decorating and the culinary arts.
On June 23, 2001, Ricky and his family went to a relative’s wedding. They stayed late. When they came home, Ricky went for a walk. He called his mom at 4:30 AM from J’s Motel. That was the last time the family heard from Ricky.
On June 28, 2001, Ricky’s body was found in the El Paso County Land Fill in Fountain, Colorado. His family was told that authorities found no gunshot or knife wounds and there were no drugs in the body. It is believed his body was put in a trash dumpster and taken to the land fill. His death was ruled a homicide. In addition to his mother, Doris Espinoza, Ricky is survived by a brother, Gary Espinoza, and two sisters, Jacquelyn Espinoza and Debra Espinoza-Meyer.

Name: Ricky Arthur Espinoza       Date of Birth: 1963-10-19