Chivers, Lorenzo DeShawn

Murdered: 1999-02-07

Lorenzo Chivers, 36, was employed by Tuff Movers. He was last seen on February 7, 1999 at a client’s house in Morrison, CO with Paul Skiba & Paul’s 9-1/2 year old daughter, Sarah.

A neighbor of Paul’s told the family that Paul & his girlfriend, Theresa, had a big fight the night before the disappearance.

A week later, Paul’s mother, Sharon Skiba, went to the storage lot of the moving company with Rich, Paul’s best friend. There was a strange lock on the gate. Rich went over the fence and walked up to the truck, moving a board away from the side. He saw all kinds of bullet holes, a blood smear and a piece of scalp with hair. Lorenzo’s family members were called and came to the scene.

Thornton Police were called. The storage lot, located near 72nd & Raleigh, was close to an auto repair business and an archery shop. Investigators learned that on the night of the disappearance the truck had left the yard about 9 pm and returned about midnight. Analysis of the blood revealed it was Paul & Sarah’s.

Police theorized that the murders took place at the lot, the killers then loaded the bodies into the truck, disposed of them, then returned the truck to the lot. Bodies of the victims have never been found. Chivers has not been seen since. He had a son and a daughter the same age as Sarah. If you have information regarding any element of this crime, please contact Sgt. D.R. Lester, 303-430-2400, ext 4226.

Name: Lorenzo DeShawn Chivers       Date of Birth: 1962-11-05