Bennett, Tyrone Anthony

Murdered: 1993-07-11

Tyrone Anthony Bennett, 22, graduated from George Washington High School where he was awarded the Presidential Scholarship. An “A” student, Tyrone was president of his class and lettered in football where he was the team captain. He attended Arizona State University for one year.

“He was a very giving person,” said his parents, Diane & Freddie Williams of Denver. Tyrone liked cars and stereo systems. His parents still have the 1970 Chevy he had restored. It”s stereo won a couple of trophies.

His dream was to be a fireman. He scored very high on the Denver Fire Department Test that was given at the Convention Center.

Tyrone worked for one of the airlines at Stapleton, cleaning up airplanes. He lived in a Denver apartment. In his off hours he watched the child of a friend and former classmate while she worked. On July 11, 1993, tenants at an Aurora apartment complex near Colfax & Potomac called police when they noticed a 4-year-old child alone in a car. Tyrone”s body was found in the trunk. He had been beaten so badly he had to be identified by finger prints. The child was unharmed. No one has ever been arrested for this murder.

Name: Tyrone Anthony Bennett       Date of Birth: 1970-09-19