Anderson, Mitch

Murdered: 2001-04-11

Mitch Anderson graduated Windsor High School where he participated in football, wrestling and golf. He enjoyed hunting and fishing. He studied welding at the Community College in Greeley and immediately found his career. By the age of 20 he was running a crew of 40 men on a project to replace the gas pipeline at Ellsworth AFB in Rapid City, South Dakota. Then he started his own welding business. It prospered. He had contracts for snowmaking equipment at Vail, Keystone and Breckenridge. He lived in his own house about 1/4 mile from his parents, Bruce and Kathy Anderson, in Windsor. In April 2001, Mitch hired a man to help him in his business. The man had no place to stay so Mitch let him stay in his house for a couple nights. On April 11, Bruce Anderson found his son dead from a gunshot wound to the head. The helper was asleep in the house and could not provide an explanation. Mitch’s case was ruled a “spontaneous suicide,” even though he was not killed in his bed where he was found, he was shot left handed, yet he was right handed, and the person sleeping in the next room tested positive for gunshot residue. In addition to his parents, Mitch leaves a sister, Amy.

Name: Mitch Anderson       Date of Birth: 1975-01-11